Core Values


“Love, Respect, Hard Work, Consistency, Growth, Integrity, Conservation, and Humility”

  • Students are nurtured and cared for as we strive individually and communally to support one another in Godly Love.
  • A culture of Respect is created; as a community we learn to acknowledge and accept one another as God’s unique and wonderful creation.
  • We foster an environment of Hard-work in all areas of student life to nurture talent and develop competency.
  • Consistency is a means of accomplishing great works as we commit to hard work on a daily basis.
  • We persevere in continuous individual Growth by encouraging creativity and innovation in order to achieve excellence.
  • Students and teachers are accountable and honest with themselves and one another as they live in Integrity.
  • Through Humility we help one another whole-heartedly with compassion, generosity and a positive attitude.
  • We are faithful stewards of God’s creation, seeking Conservation of resources and the environment.

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