Our Mission is “Building People to Build a better world through Music”.

This may sound like a grandiose mission statement for a music school, yet we think it is appropriate. Our graduates are now founders and teachers of primary and secondary schools, leaders in churches, teachers in institutions and performers in some of the most viewed venues in the world. They are, therefore, in key positions to influence the direction and betterment of the world.

Our world faces the greatest challenges in human history – global warming, nuclear proliferation, pandemics such as AIDS, regional civil wars, social, religious and generational conflicts – challenges which require a generation which can learn to work together to create solutions. Musicians, perhaps more than any other group among us, learn and train others to work together, to cooperate creatively and to invent new forms of beauty and expression. They bring out of us the best of humanity.

We can build a better world; however a better world has to begin here, in our home and community. At the conservatory we seek to nurture a community of  love, respect and hard work. With Gods grace we work together to begin making the world better by forming a more perfect unity among ourselves. You can join us too in our quest to create something wonderful for God.

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