Summer Music Seminar – SMS 2017

The Summer Music Seminar is a five-week, rigorous introduction to musical arts. It is designed to provide a firm foundation upon  which students can build an edifice of musical knowledge and skills. Courses include music theory, aural theory (listening skills), keyboard skills, and music history. Moreover, students are given private instruction each week in one instrument of their choice — Piano, Voice, Drums, or Guitar. The course culminates with a concert involving the SMS students at the end of the five-week program.

The SMS serves as an entry requirement for students who wish to join the degree program and students will have to maintain an average grade of ‘C’ or above in all subjects.

The SMS is also a one-month crash course for those who want to gain a musical foundation and develop their musical skills without joining the degree program.

SMS admissions are open. The admissions deadline for the May-June SMS is March 1, 2017. To apply click on the link below.

List of Subjects taught in SMS

Subject Code Subject Units
MC 140A Written Theory 1 Unit
MC 140B Aural Theory 1 Unit
MC 160 Class Piano 1 Unit
HIST 180 Music History Overview 1 Unit
MC 100A Choir 1 Unit
MC 100B Handbell Ensemble 1 Unit
MC 190B Major Instrument: Applied Lessons 1 Unit

Entry Requirement

SMS is open to anyone who is 15 years of age and above.

Application Procedures

If you wish to join the SMS program, visit SMS Admission Page to know more about it and begin your registration process.

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