Calendar 2015 – 2016

SMS 2015 starting on May 4th

Returning Students Arrive May 30th-31st

SMS Exams/Rehearsals June 1st – June 5th

SMS Concert June 5th

Fresher’s Orientation Week June 9th – 12th

Degree Semester 1 begins June 15th

Piano Proficiency B.M.III  –  July 3rd

BC Community Prayer Fellowship I –  July 31st

Semester I Mid-term exam Week of August 3rd-7th

BC Sports Day August 14th

Semester I Final exam week starting September 21 -25

Piano Proficiency B.M.II

September 25th Rehearsal-Performance Weeks September 28th – October 2nd

Semester I Concert October 2nd

Degree Semester I ends October 2nd

Degree Semester II begins October 5th

Semester II Break October 19th -23rd

BC Community Prayer Fellowship II November 27th

Semester II Mid-term exam week starting December 1st-4th

Comprehensive Exams B.M.III December 10th-11th

BC Christmas Concert December 18th

Christmas Break December 19th – January 3rd

BC Picnic Day January 26th

Semester II Final exam Week starting February 1st

Rehearsal-Performance Weeks February 8th – 12th

Degree Semester II Graduation/Concert February 13th


List of Holidays:
19th-23rd October – Semester II Break
19th December-3rd January – Christmas Break


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