Faculty & Staff

Kenneth Henson

Ken-Henson-Founder-bangalore-conservatory-260x300Ken Henson is founder and Director of The Bangalore Conservatory. He has trained singers, performers, and professional groups in the art of Vocal Performance in the US, India and several other countries.

As a performer, trained in Western Classical style, having performed as a soloist and performer on stage, radio and television in the US and Canada and in a variety of venues in Europe and Asia, Ken brings a wealth of experience to his vocal training classes. He is also trained in philosophy and hermeneutics and, therefore, brings a unique blend of analysis and application, spicing every lesson with generous portion of entertaining and enlightening anecdotes.

Ken’s coaching technique is the fruit of more than twenty years of teaching experience and vocal performance. Ken has designed training programs for the use of the voice as an instrument of performance and communication. These programs include diction, vocal care, clarity, vocal adjustment and modulation, performance techniques for presentations.

Ken has taught Western philosophy, hermeneutics, public speaking, and ancient languages at New Life College since 1996. He taught in the public school system in California for six years before that and held a California multiple-subject teaching credential. Ken earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Vocal Performance at California State University, Fullerton. He earned his Master of Arts at Vanguard University. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Southern California.

Vinita Henson


Vinita Henson is co-founder and director of the Music Education Program. She has been a music educator for more than twenty years, training children’s choirs and ensembles, teaching private piano, and group keyboard lessons in the US and India. She is a specialist in music-teacher training.

Vinita earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Vanguard University, and her Master of Arts and Doctorate of Musical Arts in Music Education at the University of Southern California.


Juanita Mary Mathews


Juanita is currently serving as the interim Dean of Academics. She also teaches Counterpoint and Music History and is the Vocal Teacher for Vocal Performance Majors.
She completed the Bachelor of Music in 2015 at The Bangalore Conservatory with Vocal Performance as Major. She was awarded the Certificate of Academic Excellence and was elected as the Valedictorian of the year. She has performed as a Soloist for the college and elsewhere on various occasions. She also gives vocal classes from her residence. She continues in her training in developing classical singing techniques under Sir Ken Henson.

It was her passion for music that has set her on the pursuit to excel as a musician, soon after her 12th grade. At The Bangalore Conservatory, she could consolidate her skills and it has put her on a sure footing. Her desire is to develop her skills to a level of excellence and also impart to others desirous of the same.

Imsennochetla Longchar 

1501202_10151773847071857_2062133758_oAsenla finished her Bachelor of Theology from Clark Theological College, Nagaland in 2003. After the completion of her bachelor degree she served as choir director for eight years at Changtongya Town Baptist Church, and three years as a music teacher at Christian Standard Higher Secondary School, Nagaland.

In 2014 she graduated from The Bangalore Conservatory with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance & Music Education. While studying at the Bangalore Conservatory she enjoyed contributing to a spectacular performance of Carmina Burana.

Currently, she is serving as a voice teacher & teaching Aural theory at The Bangalore Conservatory. Her Passion is to perform as much as she can and to give voice training to many young men and women.

Ramesh Kumar Nepali

RameshRamesh Kumar undertook most of his studies in Nepal. In 2006 he completed a Lab Assistant Diploma from the National Medical Technical Education Center in Surkhet. In 2007 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Shree Krishna San, Nepal.

After the completion of his studies Ramesh worked at Pennsylvania United Medical Association and Nepalgunj Medical college as a Lab Assistant. Ramesh caries great experience helping Church ministry as a worship leader in different churches in Nepal. He also helped out as a volunteer in a Children’s home Ministry in Kohalpur, Nepal and has 1 year experience of serving as a social Counselor through HOPE Nepal (Holistic Offering for Participating in Nepal).

Ramesh graduated from The Bangalore Conservatory in 2012 with a Bachelor Degree in Western Music and Vocal Performance. After graduation he joined BC in 2013 as an office Assistant for 1 year, and thereafter as office Manager. After six months of excellence in his work he was promoted as the COO (Chief Operations Officer) in October 2014. Ramesh is now a full time staff member at BC and is currently serving as COO at the Bangalore Conservatory. He has also been a vocal and piano teacher at CME (Center for Music Education) for the past 5 years and is involved in Church ministry around Bangalore.


Adjunct Faculty 

Amy Sara Joseph

1398194_10151646673251536_591118575_oAmy began her Degree at BC in 2011, majoring in Church Music Education and Vocal Performance. She is currently a vocal teacher at three different institutions: The Bangalore Conservatory, R.V. public school, and choir director of St Joseph’s Commerce College Choir. She also trains the junior choir of the St. Stephens Marthoma church and takes basic keyboard classes and voice classes at home. In addition to this, she has interned as assistant choir director of Christ College. She has also conducted various youth choirs and groups.

Currently she teaches English Diction at Bangalore Conservatory and takes part in faculty performances.


Divyam Tamang


Completed his Degree in Bachelors of Music from the Bangalore Conservartory in 2016. Also completed most of his earlier studies from His hometown, Darjeeling. Majored in Music Education, with Piano as his main instrument. He also accompanies for the College’s Choir as well as for solo Vocal Performers. Divyam was a Piano Instructor in CME and is currently working as a Piano instructor as well as directs the Keyboard ensemble of the Bangalore Conservatory, teaches in Wings School of Music and also gives Private Piano lessons.

Divyam has rich classical Repertoire, such as Mozart’s “Turkish March”, Chopin’s “Nocturne in c# minor”, “Mazurka in a minor” and many more. He is an admirer of Chopin’s works and mostly Performed Chopin’s pieces in his recitals.

Donlakador S Rynjah

10846074_10152919553763514_6644620903853683169_nDon completed most of his studies in Shillong, graduating in 2001 with a Bachelor of Commerce at St Anthony’s College. In 2007 he completed a Bachelor of Divinity at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune Maharashtra. In 2013 completed London College of Music qualifications to 8th grade standard.

Don has worked as a Choir Director at St Edmunds College, Shillong and also in the role of Youth Pastor at the Pohkseh Presbyterian Church, Shillong.

Don graduated from The Bangalore Conservatory in 2012 with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. He is now a full time staff at The Bangalore Conservatory teaching as a member of the vocal faculty.

He has a love for music and for performing spectacularly on stage. While studying at the Bangalore Conservatory highlights include performances of “I go to the rock” by Dottie Rambo, “Bethlehem Morning” by Morris Chapman, and “Just As I Am” by David Phelps. Another highlight involved a unison vocal quartet singing “Sinner saved by Grace” (Humphries/Gaither), which gripped the audience with a true sense of the amazing grace of God available to sinners- Sola Gratia.

His Goal is to work with people who need guidance and motivation for self development. The general objectives of this are to develop the well being of young people: motivate them to recognise their own rights, provide them with full access to resources and facilities, assist them in becoming self reliant, and to facilitate people to participate in advocating for themselves.